People Strategies

Your Advisor for Transforming Culture

People Strategies

Winning today requires leaders to recognize that their overall business and people strategies are one and the same.

We believe that developing people capability is the most important driver of business and organizational success now and in the future. AO works closely with clients to create people strategies that re-imagine and transform the culture, structures, programs, systems, processes, and incentives that make investing in holistic people development and performance effective and sustainable.  We created a 21st century employee capability model to guide our work helping organizations succeed in growing employee Mind Skills, People Skills and Technical Skills.


Our support solutions include:

  • Integrated business and people strategy consulting
  • Recruitment program development
  • Onboarding strategies
  • Culture assessment and transformation
  • Integrated developmental learning and performance management
  • Leadership program design and implementation
  • Succession planning

Benefits of Our Consulting and Solutions

For Organizations

  • More conscious, effective leaders
  • Clear, healthy developmental culture
  • Reliable employee development for promotion
  • More creativity and innovation capability
  • More honest, healthy employee communication and problem solving
  • Improved error detection and business improvement
  • Stronger employee engagement
  • Improved employee retention
  • Enhanced employer brand
  • Improved financial results

For Employees

  • Stronger and portable mind skills and people skills
  • More intentional and meaningful professional growth benefiting career advancement
  • Stronger teamwork abilities
  • Leadership mentality and ability
  • More meaningful fulfillment from work and inter-action with others
  • All employees benefiting from personal and professional development
  • Better experience receiving and giving feedback with managers and peers
  • Experiencing joy in helping fellow peers grow and develop their full potential