Leadership Development

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Leadership Development

Building the 21st century organization that wildly succeeds at growing its business and its people requires outstanding leadership.

The transformative journey toward a truly integrated learning and growth culture starts with the executive leader’s conscious commitment to their own learning and growth. Only then can the leader inspire the alignment and commitment needed to adopt continuous growth oriented mindsets, behaviors and strategies.

Our Services


Quantitative 360 Instruments

Survey-based 360 assessments provide an efficient way to gather feedback from a variety of perspectives about a leader’s strengths and blind spots across the spectrum of leadership competencies. Our team is certified in The Leadership Circle Profile™, the first 360 degree profile to connect research about effective leadership and the underlying assumptions that are causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations. Our experience shows that use of this tool leads to greatly improved leadership effectiveness.


Culture Assesment

Culture – the way we think, feel and act together is the single biggest driver of an organization’s enduring success and competitive advantage. It drives an organization’s ability to attract, retain and grow employees who are passionate about the brand and committed to developing brand innovations. Our culture assessment instruments and methodologies are designed to help our clients evaluate and define the organizational culture that will consciously integrate their purpose and values with the qualities of strong leadership, learning and growth orientation and their brand identity.

Preference, style and strengths-based assessments

A key indicator of an individual who can lead and work collaboratively with others is their degree of awareness of self and others. Our team uses a number of instruments to help leaders and teams better understand their individual and collective strengths, preferences and style to increase effectiveness in how they work, make decisions, communicate and collaborate with others.

Qualitative Assessment Methods

We supplement the 360 assessment with confidential interviews of key stakeholders. Such qualitative 360 feedback provides leaders with the direct observations and experiences of people who work with them. It enables people to tell the leader what they want them to know about their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their impact on them and the business. We provide qualitative assessments for individual leaders and leadership teams.

Leadership Team Alignment

Leadership teams enable everything that works and doesn’t work in an organization. All enterprise-wide, transformational change must start by establishing solid alignment, commitment and accountability in the leadership team. We guide teams to do the critical work necessary to collectively lead their organizations to success.

Leadership Coaching

AO blends industry experience as a senior executive and strategic and financial advisor with many years as a professional coach and organizational development practitioner. We serve executive leaders as a trusted sounding board and help high potential leaders stretch and grow to better perform in their current role or at the next level of leadership. We help leaders become more conscious and effective in growing the potential of their business and their people.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development programs focus on developing the range of mindsets and people skills needed for individuals and teams to lead effectively at all levels of an organization. Leading effectively today requires modeling expanded mind skills like adaptability, agility, creativity, vision and managing levels of complexity and uncertainty and people skills like emotional and social awareness and leading collectively. Our approach starts at the top working with CEOs and their executive team to define and model the leadership culture they want all levels of leaders to embrace.


Our leadership competency framework is anchored in the Leadership Circle 360 Profile. We work closely with our client sponsors to embed and integrate most of the leadership learning experiences within the everyday organizational environment so as to build a more natural and sustainable continuous applied learning environment for new and experienced leaders. The goal is to build conscious capacity for individuals and teams to focus on what they are trying to create through their leadership. As with all our offerings, the ultimate goal is to help leaders tap into the power of a continuous learning and development mindset for themselves and those they lead.

Retreats and Keynotes

AO provides advisory and facilitation services to help clients design and execute successful and energizing strategic retreats. AO’s co-founders are also available to speak at your corporate gathering about a range of people development, business strategy and leadership topics.