Mission & Values

What Matters to Us

Our Mission

Our mission is grounded in the belief that organizations are the key stewards and vehicles for people capability development in the 21st century.

The degree to which they succeed in supporting each of their employee’s development of their full human capabilities will drive business results.  An important feature of the 21st Century brand is how society judges the ultimate value of an enterprise’s contribution.

Our Vision

Deliberate people development will become an expected contribution of 21st century organizations.

Our Values

We embrace a set of values that our employees, partners, clients and communities should be able to see and experience in everything we do.

Learning & Growth

We are dedicated to practicing a growth mindset to help us continuously learn and innovate for the sake of our client’s success. This translates into a sense of responsibility for the learning and growth of our people, clients and communities.


Joy Filled

We believe the joy experienced when people experience meaningful connection, wellbeing, creative expression and achievement produces thriving organizations. We derive great joy from this work and strive to infuse a joy-filled way of being with our colleagues, clients, family and friends.



Our work helping leaders create people-centered growth cultures often requires us to challenge the status quo and existing mindsets in the workplace.



We serve our clients best when we are being honest, grounded and true to ourselves and others.



We know that developing people and organizational potential above all requires commitment. Our clients and employees can count on our commitment to their personal and collective growth.

Operating Principles

Our strong developmental culture is enabled by a set of affirmative operating principles that guide our daily interactions and the decisions we make at AO Group. They enable us to consciously live our core values and fulfill our commitment to growing the full human potential of our people and the people in the organizations we serve.